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          The School
          • Founded in 1901
          • Head of School, David Beare, appointed 2019, Georgetown University BSFS, Harvard University M.Div, M.Ed.
          • 350 Acre campus
          • Serves grades 9-12
          • 410 Students
          • 70% boarding, 30% day
          • 12 Students per class, on average
          • 23 Advanced Placement courses
          • 4 to 1 Student-to-faculty ratio
          • 71% Teaching faculty with advanced degrees
          • 25 Miles from Boston and Logan Airport
          • 37 Faculty dogs on campus
          • 28 Sports offered

          The Students

          • 14% International students
          • 23 Countries represented
          • 25 States represented
          • Top 5 states represented by boarding students:  MA, NY, NJ, CA, CT
          • 410 Students: approximately 90 freshmen, 110 sophomores, 105 juniors, and 105 seniors
          • 700 and 700 mean SAT Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Math scores of 2020 graduating class
          • 31 mean composite ACT score of the class of 2020
          • 91% of the 615 AP tests taken by 235 Middlesex students in 2019 were a “3” or better; 70% were a “4” or “5”; 38% were a “5”
          • Top 10 Colleges attended by Middlesex graduates in the last 5 years:  Boston College, Brown University, Colby College, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, Hamilton College, Harvard University, New York University, Northeastern University, University of Chicago

          Alumni of Note

          • Anthony Lake, Executive Director of UNICEF
          • Bret Stephens, Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize winner
          • Bill Richardson, Former Governor of New Mexico and former Presidential candidate
          • Bill Weld, Former Governor of Massachusetts
          • Bob Iuliano, President of Gettysburg College
          • Cass Sunstein, Professor at Harvard Law School, former head of Obama’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
          • Chris Van Hollen, United States Senator, Maryland
          • Elizabeth Mayhew, Columnist for The Washington Post and contributing editor at NBC’s Today Show
          • George Wilson II, Head of Business Operations, NBA G League
          • Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., Former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
          • Jenny Gomez, co-founder of oneKIN
          • Jessica Tuck, Actor – One Life to Live, HBO’s True Blood, High School Musical
          • Joe Kahn, Managing Editor of The New York Times
          • Joe Watkins, MSNBC political commentator and pastor of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
          • Kevin Systrom, Co-Founder of Instagram
          • Lauren Williams, Senior Editor, The Atlantic
          • Margaret Williams, Managing Director at the World Wildlife Fund
          • Rob Tod, founder of Allagash and James Beard Award winner
          • Patty Kazmaier-Sandt, namesake of the USA Hockey Foundation award for the top player in NCAA Division I women’s ice hockey
          • Sarah Leary, Co-founder of Nextdoor
          • Steve Carell, Actor – The Office; Despicable Me; Space Force
          • Tiya Miles, Professor of History at Harvard University and MacArthur Fellow
          • William Hurt, Academy Award-winning actor


          • $65,940 | $52,760 Tuition for 2020-21 boarding and day students, respectively (plus approximately $1,200 for books and spending money; no additional fees)
          • $301.5M Endowment and other long-term investments
          • $6.5M Allocated financial aid
          • 33% Students receiving financial aid
          • $50,234 Average grant

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