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          Important Contact Numbers

          For more faculty and staff contact information, see the Directory or the Emergency Contact Quick Reference.

          Main School Number:  978-369-2550

          Admissions Office:  978-371-6524

          Academic Office:  978-371-6595

          Athletic Office:  978-371-6558

          Business Office:  978-371-6586

          College Office:  978-371-6534

          List of Dorm Permissions Lines:
          Main Permissions Phone Number (For All Dorms) – 978-254-4885

          -For Atkins House Permissions press 1
          -For Bryant-Paine House Permissions press 2
          -For Clay House Permissions press 3
          -For Hallowell House Permissions press 4
          -For Higginson House Permissions press 5
          -For Kravis House Permissions press 6
          -For Landry House Permissions press 7
          -For LeBaron Briggs House Permissions press 8
          -For Robert Winsor House Permissions press 9

          Deans’ Office/Absence Line:  978-371-6546

          Development Office:   978-369-5110

          Head’s Office:  978-371-6539

          Health Center (24 Hours):  978-371-6583

          Technology:  978-371-6099

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